I'm Daniel and I am the keeper of the land. I have done a little bit of everything in my life. I've been a Park Ranger in Yellowstone and Glacier National Parks, I've taught social skills to at- risk youth with Boys Town. I love growing gardens and creating art. When I was teaching at- risk youth social skills I was creating a community garden. When I was a Park Ranger I was using my free time to pick huckleberries on the highline trail hoping a bear wasn't going to eat me.

Hi I am Daniel the keeper of Sweet Berry. I have done some crazy things in my life. Ive been a Park Ranger at Yellowstone and Glacier National Park. I have taught social skills to at- risk youth at Boys Town, New England. I have done a fair bit of travel going to 47 States(need DE, AK,& HI), Mexico, Canada while living in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, South Dakota, Virginia, Rhode Island, Missouri, Wyoming, and Montana. I've had my sweet chance to move to Oregon, New Hampshire, and Bayfield, WI. I've lived in beautiful Door County, WI. It was time to put down my roots. What better location than Wisconsin's Driftless Area. There are many places with beauty that brings tears to my eyes like, New Hampshire's White Mountians and Glacier National Park, but the simplicity of the rolling hills and a heavy concentration of organic farming along with family pulls me to the area. 

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